Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lou Reeds of the Lakemaid

By Luxo-D

Hey folks, check out this fashion plate! Fancy-dancy no doubt about it. So where does a cool guy go to sport a hot NEW jersey like this? Connections my friends connections. But like the gonzo journalist I claim to be, I am also bound by the reporters oath – I will not divulge my sources. Just like the lore of Watergate will never know this Deep Throat! Never! But one thing is certain, this "Kid" knows how to dig up the BIG story!

So...what do I get for this kind embedding, huh? about a super cool Lakemaid Beer jersey! Adorned of course, with the fresh water lovelies of Lakemaid Beer. Brewed in the GLORIOUS vats of Schell's Brewing Company, located in the wonderful town of New Ulm, Minnesota.

And what is a "Lakemaid," you may ask? Well you've heard of Mermaids right – you know, from the ocean? Well, Lakemaids are similar. But these sweethearts spawn from the good, wholesome sweetness of fresh water lakes! Many have said, "Hey Luxo-D – you ever seen a Lakemaid?" Good grief, what kind of question is that, I mean really? "Well duh...yeah maybe." Then they press further..."So Luxo-D, what's your favorite Lakemaid?" Gawd, the audacity is insulting. Of course I answer like the good Minnesota boy I am..."Miss Walleye, for cryin' out loud." Geez, the nerve. And by the way, for all those fisherman out there, keep casting them Rapala's, you never know when a Lakemaid might bite...

I give this jersey... a Stroker Ace Par Excellence!

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  1. Great jersey!!! I've been looking for a Lakemaid bike jersey, where did you get it?