Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fishtails on the Lakeville Lolligag

By Cobra Kai

I read about Pereiro signing up for the Aussie race in January and it got me thinking about my own southern Shangri La. So I hopped in the car to do a little early winter recon of the Lolligag - the 30 mile time trial route in Lakeville that sets teeth on edge, and Luxo's stomach in knots. 10 pm last night.

Still no blacktop overcoat on the parade route that forms the first 3 or 4 miles. And the climbs on the back side were even longer than I remember. It was a wind swept no man's land. Then something wierd happened - up ahead, setting a terrific pace on the climb where my car's tires were just then spinning, I saw a yellow glow. I pushed on the accelerator to catch up but it wasn't easy - at first just more fishtailing. But eventually my tires found purchase and I swear I pulled alongside a riderless Schwinn Peleton! I was first scared, then confused, and then euphoric. Like the first time I heard Freddy Mercury sing. I was thinking what you're thinking so I called up the Immortal. The phone picks up and I can barely hear him cackle over the sound of a battle rifle's roar. I tell him where I am and he guesses why I'm calling, "Yeh Baby, sometimes in the winter she gets the cabin feaver so I let her out to stretch her legs!!"

So that's what we're up against. The supernatural. I'll need a crackerjack mantra this winter if I'm to have any chance of holding the golden one's wheel next May. Current candidate: "steel sharpens steel".


  1. The rumors are true....Lance and I have been injecting each other(and I mean that in a medical syringe fashion-well kind of wink wink..)and training together. The Lollygag is just the beginning...or the end if those pesky Olson twins keep getting in the there a new chick involved now?...Man, for a guy with one nut he sure has got the mojo!

  2. Marie and Ramsey are MINE.
    Plato makes me barf(but I own the first 50 yards!) as does BITCHES Brew(Witches-whoever wrote that doesnt have the soul of Miles Davis for sure) and the High Bridge.
    The High Bridge is for the likes of Michael Rasmussen types.

  3. You don't know the power of the Immortal's Dark Side until you see him unleash it on Marie hill, where incidently, I was almost killed by Luxo-D!
    I stress the Peloton so hard on that ascent I think her rusty bottom bracket will give way...but I've said that about a lot of ol' gals I've ridden...har, har, har, de, har.....
    Never lost that hill never will. Built for Tom Boonen and I...not that there's a bag of coke at the top of it just that it's a sprinters hill.