Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Triangle Sandwiches... the fuel of Champions!

By Luxo-D

If you thought fingers smell after eating a Big Mac. Well... Eat this! 

When it comes to bicycling, lets face it, bikers eat weird stuff. It's fuel, for up the hill, around the bend, and through the finishing line, (The Immortal's white Ford in this case). Whatever it takes, from GU, to power bars, to who the FREAK knows what, if it gives a dude an edge... hell, we'll eat it! 

The Triangle sandwich, is no doubt in the same league. Truly. Guys love these. Even though, my female cycling friends don't agree, consider this... They're perfectly sliced, they come in different flavors, the package is blue... all good. Besides, haven't we all heard of the "Power Pyramid." Hmmmm? Easy yummy, for the money! The sandwich pictured is tuna.

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