Friday, January 16, 2009

A Tale of Two Giro's, but not really...

By Luxo-D

What does the Giro Italia and the Giro Mendota have in common? Nothin', that's what. Both are coveted road courses of historic note and tradition, and there's always an official team car.  So...who does a guy gotta be, to get in the team car? Huh? The Dodger gets around...oh he's got connections. Look at his smug-mug. Resize? What kind of team name is that? Who cares, the dude gets to ride in a team car at the Giro Italia. Maybe he's is too cool for school, but I'd give Lance's left nut to ride in a team car! The Dodger gets a "Stroker ACE" on this one. No doubt.

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