Monday, April 13, 2009

Café Solo

By Luxo-D

Café Solo was the place to be this friends, no doubt. I was on my own this time. Make that a single expresso my good fellow, and hold the sugar. This day, Team Sprockets were on different gears heading in different directions.

Let's meet at that new hot spot everyone is talking about...

I tried to hook up with the Ginger Daddy. You know, let's give The Giro Mendota some business...but it was too late. I made the call, but he Let's face it folks, everyone was going to Café Solo. It was busy too. The Waiter took lots of orders on this shift... "Do-It-Yourself" was the hot meal on the menu, uhhh hmmmm. I ordered a full helping. No one ever told me Café Solo was a franchise...cause the Ginger Daddy was at a different store.

Me so wonely. Briefly...

I was ONE man against road this time. No talking, no banter, no analysis...just silence and joy. I took it all in man, and the Kid did not complain. Maybe a little like I usually do. Okay, but I had it all...It was beautiful, the temperature was perfect, the roads were dry. Café serve a satisfactory meal.

I gave myself a quiet and reverent...Stroker Ace.

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