Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rockin' da Murph with The Mickey-D

By Luxo-D

I'll have the Quarter Pounder with Cheese Extra Value Meal please, thank you very much. Yes sir, that's what Murphy Hanrehan asked for the other night. Full service is what it got. Throw in a large chocolate shake too, why don't ya. The TS boys are in the store.

Micky-D and I gave it to the Murph big time. And was there cryin'? Oh sure, but only the trail felt it this time. My friends, this was an Official TEAM SPROCKETS™ mountain bike doubt. The weather was outstanding, and the trail conditions were sweet like McFlurry!

Now, it's been awhile since Mickey-D has been to Murphy Hanrehan. The course, was actually on the other side of the park last time he rode it, which is a long time ago now. Much to his surprise, and delight, he was quite impressed with the changes. Even without the MONSTER hill that used to be on the other side, the single track was delicious.

Now we weren't out to set any records or be any hero's, but we came to play. Albeit, with caution. The Stranger had informed me...the previous week, a mutual friend of ours, hauled some ass at the Murph and ended up crashing. Unfortunately, a visit to the emergency room and a face full of stitches were his bill of charge. Knowing this, I notched down the pace a little bit so Mickey-D could acclimate to the new scenery. After hitting a couple trees, falling off the trail once, and tightening up a loose wheel...this Jim-Dandy was ready to go for round two. Next time...the gauntlet shall be thrown down, no doubt, no doubt.

I give this rider, the "MANIMAL AWARD", for tenacious tenacity effort!

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