Thursday, November 4, 2010

Super (Spooky) SMURF!

By Luxo-D

Back in the day, if you would have asked me, "Hey scared of the woods?" Hell no, I'm no scaredy-cat dammit! But then again, when was the last time YOU went to Murphy Hanrehan on HALLOWEEN...hmmmm girl friend?

Now I know, the sweet riding days are closing in, there's no doubt about it. And this Kid will be blubbering in his beer sooner than he'd like. So getting into the woods before the snow comes was a big driver for the TEAM SPROCKETS™ crew for sure. The G-Man, Roy, The Immortal, and yours truly (Luxo-D) gave it good ride this last weekend. Halloween to be exact. Was it Spooooooky? Oh hell yeah it was spooky! Geeez. There's MONSTERS in them woods... dang-it!

Super SMURF!
Murphy Hanrehan, is a classic, single-track mountain bike hot-spot in the south metro of Minneapolis, in the City of Prior Lake, Minnesota. With over 10 miles of winding trail, small obstacles, hills, and beautiful mixed terrain – it is a popular destination for mountain bike riders of all levels. This Halloween day, was definitely the day to be out, ride, and pose too. An absolutely gorgeous fall day to boot! Oh sure, there were plently of hot-shots on the ol' trail, but that didn't matter. The ride was totally solid. However, on a side note, I did find the G-Man's boisterous and vocal excitement of the ride at Murphy Hanrehan to be a little bit enthusiastic. I wouldn't say annoying or any accusations as such, but HE did enjoy the banter of his own grunts, squeels, and yalps, anytime he hit a sharp curve, rock, bump and anything else. In fact, he earned the temporary moniker of "The Crazy Screaming Guy," in the woods, and it did prove useful at times. Coincidentally, a co-worker of the his, "The Dust-Man," whipped passed us on the trail – unaware of the bombastic-racket announcing our presence. Besides that, the trail conditions and camaraderie could not have better! After two hours, we were spent. In the end, we quenched our thirsts and savored our ride.

Afterward, some of the boyz of TEAM SPROCKETS™ treated themselves to a lip-smacking treat from McDonald's to nurse the post ride blues. With the FAMOUS and limited time-only McRib Sandwich. A tasty snack of splendor indeed.

I give this ride a "SPOOKER-ACE" for awesome!

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