Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Gary Fisher-Freewheel Bike Freedom Ride!

By Luxo-D

As a full-blooded American dude, nothing gets me more excited than a little old fashioned colonial time revolutionary celebratory action. Between fire-works, the Forth of July, and folks decked out in Revolutionary era costumes, just to ride bikes, is enough to make you start humming the Star Spangled Banner. So when I heard about this event...well let's just say, Yankee Doodle was another hot tune of the day...

Hear ye, hear ye, let FREEDOM ring out! The RIGHT to ride is on! The Gary Fisher-Freewheel Bike Freedom ride has ridden!

And so it was this last weekend at the Freewheel Bike Cycling Freedom Ride. A cycling retailer extravaganza of enthusiasm and camaraderie for over two hundred participants! A 90 minute ride starting from the original West Bank Store on the University of Minnesota campus, to the extremely handy Mid-Town Shop on the Mid-Town Greenway, out to the brand NEW Eden Prairie Store to sign the Freedom Ride Cyclists’ Bill of Rights – a document extolling the virtues and rights about cycling anywhere, any place, anytime. Not to mention the chance to ride with the very important VIP and special guest himself – the man responsible for starting mountain biking as we know it...Gary Fisher (Founder of Gary Fisher bicycles.)

It was a jolly and sprite time too, with perfect riding weather to boot. Yay, for yours truly, I felt honored to be riding with this wholesome bunch of enthusiastic cyclists for sure. Indeed, the chance to ride with Gary Fisher, was an opportunity not worth missing! I even spoke to the man too! Our conversation went like this... I said, "Hi Gary." He said, "Hi." I said, "I like your glasses." He said, "Thanks." I said, "How long are you here?" He said, "Just today." I said, "Ah." Furthermore, what could be more fun and spirited, than the event hosts and coordinators from Freewheel Bike and the very creative, hot Minneapolis advertising agency known as Pocket Hercules – all riding in FULL American Revolutionary Continental costumes! A challenge I might add to ride on bike.

Finally, at the end of the ride, the crowd was treated to a smorgasbord of tasty treats, bratworst, hotdogs, and refreshments, as well as receiving a complimentary 20% Off on all merchandise for anyone that rode and signed the Cycling Bill of Rights. This Kid...exercised his LIBERTY with a set of new Vittoria tires.

This was definitely the Stroker Ace in FREEDOM. No doubt!

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