Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday Morning Ride Launch 2015

It's on! Saturday morning group rides have officially launched this weekend. And with great weather like we've been having – a nice turnout was to be expected. And that my friends, has all the makings of a very positive cycling season indeed. We had seven riders in total this morning, which is a really good size for this first Saturday out. This would be considered a medium size group for this club. Typically, a small group for Team Sprockets will range between 2 to 4 riders – a large group will be about 10 plus. We also had the pleasure of riding with one of our new team members today as well, which was awesome.

Meeting at team headquarters in Mendota Heights, Minnesota, we kicked off this Saturday morning ride at 8:00am today. It was mostly sunny, with a temperature around 55 degrees, and a light wind – overall perfect day really. We did a classic Team Sprockets loop around Mendota Heights, Eagan, Minneapolis, and St. Paul. We rode for about 90 minutes, at a casual clip, ranging a distance around 25 miles. This was a good distance for everyone, to balance between different riding levels. This distance will begin to increase as we move into the season, and as riders acclimate to each other and become stronger with conditioning. Overall, we made a fairly good time throughout the ride today – only stopping to fix a flat tire for one of riders half way through the route. We made that time up fast, with a quickened pace, good road quality, and low traffic conditions. Also, this Saturday was not a destination ride like some other of our past rides, but rather, a get-together course ride reception to kick-off this new season, with new ideas, and new riders.

Finally, we completed our inaugural Saturday morning kick-off ride with a delicious post-ride breakfast at TK's Coffee in Lilydale, Minnesota. Given the hilly terrain of the Mendota Heights area, optimal for cycling, and attracting enthusiasts from all over the metro area – TK's Coffee Shop has become somewhat of a destination not only for Team Sprockets, but other cyclist, and bike teams as well. TK himself is a lively and welcoming store-owner, with excellent hospitality, service, and delicious foods and coffee.

If I didn't know better, I'd say this season – is looking pretty tasty...


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