Thursday, February 26, 2009


By Luxo-D

Everyone love a good hat. Sometimes, the hat makes the man don't you think. Well hell sure. Sometimes the the hat. Or he has hat hair.

Is it about fashion?
Ney! Oh sure, it looks good. But really, when you put a nifty hat on the knoggin'... it says..."Hey man, look at me, I'm in the game, and I'm gonna kick arse!"

When does a bike hat mean business?
After the fact usually. Or after a righteous ride. Simply put, a proper bike cap says, I got the goods...and I can take you out of the Giro Mendota anytime I want. That's what.

Look at the guy in the picture, he's got the action going on. Brand loyalty...attitude...and a little rock n' roll Game Fuel to get the job done.

Uhh hmmm.

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