Friday, February 20, 2009

Bike Trainer Purgatory

By Luxo-D

Ride monkey, ride. That's what I do. That's the nightmare called the bicycle trainer. Tedious, thankless, and sad. There's no lonelier time on a bike than there is on a trainer. Keep your cadence, stay focused, watch a little T.V., feel the burn.

B.S. is what it is.

Don't get me wrong, the theory of staying in shape over the winter months is grand. Especially, the potential to rise...GLORIOUS CONQUEST on the the High Bridge. Appealing, maybe.

It is not...when your son tells you, "Hey dad, is that a muffin top?" "Kick it into gear Old Man!"


  1. Oh yeah, that's a muffin top and a bacon bottom to go with it...and while yer at er' add on a White Castle slider of good time flab for Ramsey Hill.. cause when you get to the top you gonna feel the burn and think "I coulda' had a V8...but that wouldn't have my H.R. to 180 like this crap food did"
    I'll see you there...but I'll be on top of the hill lookin' down.
    Big Mike Allen(not so big now a days)

  2. We don't have so much of cycling "club".
    We're more of a cycling triad.
    -Big Mike Allen(again, not so big these days...more mushy, squishy, but lighter-probably cause fat is less dense than muscle)

  3. Last comment:
    Is that a coloring book I see underneath the non celest green Bianchi of yours?
    I swear, are you coloring, Pat, while you are riding?
    You are either the least disciplined rider or the most enthusiastic colorer in the world to color and cycle train at the same time!
    Clara must be proud of you.
    Do you keep a 32 or a 64 Crayola group in the rear pack..too small for the 128 set...or is it? You sly fox!!
    This brings into play a entirely new arena of sponsorship that even Armstrong didn't consider!
    Get that 8 and under market...they're the growing market.
    Pure Genius....
    Luxo-D rides again!!
    and colors
    and rides a little
    and colors some more
    and rides a little more
    and colors a little more
    and rides a little more
    and drools
    and colors a little more
    little more.....
    little more.....