Monday, February 9, 2009

Good Beer Fishing Naked?

By Luxo-D

I ride bicycles, and I drink beer? Well so what...lot's of people do. It's America... geez...get your own tots.

As long as it tastes like normal, good tasting, old-man type, American beer. You heard me, come on now, that's what I said.

Most of these weird beers don't taste like normal beer. Micro beers, or themed beers...very suspicious. Generally, I aways thought these kind of beers tasted, weird, odd...not normal. Some were good, most sucked. Some were Un-American?

Okay...not communist! Just funny tasting...that's all. Like fluoride. And not in a good Grain-Belt way either.

Until now.

Let's face it–Fishermen drink lots of beer. Even though I think they're a little tedious and kinda bug me cause they catch fish and I can't...they know how GOOD beer should taste. Plus...the fish lady on the label is pretty good looking too. What is she, a fresh water mermaid? Uhh hmmm. I dig it.

Who wants to be naked? My ARSE! Some can, some should not. Hey, this naked beer is from Wisconsin. That's good. From some small town I've never been too. Probably...German...or something, probably. Germans make good beer.

I don't want to see naked Germans brewing beer.

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