Monday, February 2, 2009

The Luxo-D Kiss Off. Deadly but true.

By Luxo-D

Blammo! The notorious "Luxo-D Kiss Off" just happened. Uh hmmm. Hey buddy, you just got the Kiss Off by Luxo-D! Whatta ya gonna do about it...cry?

What is it?
Look at the picture man, it's obvious. Sick right? Hell yeah, you don't want to be on the other end of that stuff!

So when does it happen?
Ahh, a dangerous question. You never know when the "Kiss" is about to strike. Usually, it is preceded by a worthy event of note. Yet, the Kiss is at it's maximum POWER after a *Stroker ACE! Regrettably, stunned recipients are rendered speechless, and stuplified.

How is the "Luxo-D Kiss Off" generated?
Everyday situations really. Getting the last cup from a pot of coffee, a thoughtful solution to a problem, or a snappy comeback to hounding questions from co-workers about where you're going to lunch that day. However, the purest LDKO form, is achieved by Hill Climbing Supremacy on the Smith Avenue High Bridge, or maybe the corner sprint of Knollwood Lane. My friends of Sprockets, it is when you least expect it–the infamous, yet deadly "Luxo-D Kiss Off" reveals its glorious self. Crass, yes. Mocking, likely. Pretty, always. When a Luxo-D Kiss Off happens, it's over.

The LDKO stinks righteousness. Sometimes, the "Kiss Off " can I dare say, be a "Stroker ACE!" Uh hmm. Example: "Hey Ginger Daddy, look out, I got this hill!" Zappo! Just like that...two fingers on the lips, and a kiss that says, good night sweetpea. You sir, just got Stroker ACED by the Luxo-D Kiss Off!

* Refer to archived article, Stroker ACE, on the explanation of a Stroker ACE.

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