Monday, March 30, 2009

First ride on the Giro Mendota

By Luxo-D

Yeah we did it.

Well so what, I didn't even barf this time.

So that's the way it was last week when The Ginger Daddy and I got out there and gave it our goodness. Good sweet ride too. Low key, with a few action moments to boot. We even gave Plato (Ohio) a little piece of our business and what for.
And jabbering... holy cow, this one dude in our bike club is a total Mister-Motor-Mouth all the way up the hill. Something about his back tire or something... hell I don't know.

Speed. Oh yes, The Ginger Daddy got a little down the roller coaster hill of Wentworth Avenue. 62K an hour or something freaky like that. Fast, that's what he said anyway. Who knows, I was way in back, so I have to take his word for it.

Yours truly captured the sprint to the end though. I deeked up the small curvy hill of Emerson Avenue, and then a quick right onto the straight away toward my house for the finish! YAAAAH! I was mine.

Glorious. I felt like that one guy... you know, what's his name.

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