Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Luxembourgian Devil

By Luxo-D

There's been a lot of talk about another Luxembourgian Devil lately...Andy Schleck, (on the Côte de la Roche aux Faucons)...but let's be clear, and make no mistake...the "Devil" is in the details. 

Devils indeed
The Schleck brothers (Frank & Andy) are a force onto themselves...true perhaps. But do they have what it takes to get the job done? You know what I it! The workman like discipline seems like a noble venture going into a season. Good, fine and dandy. No doubt with a regimen like that, well hell... the enormous potential benefits stager high for the individual that is committed to the task. 

Glory be to the devoted
Training... nuts. I for one have complained. Smugly, you know it. Don't play coy with Luxo-D. I don't like it okay, it annoys me, it strikes a blow to my self esteem. Lean and mean I am capable. Indeed I am berated too, for not liking PAIN. What jack-ass does. Kooks usually. Yet it behooves us all, to get to work. Put down the cupcakes, stop the night time snacking – with a beer in one hand and ketchup flavored chips in the other.  Lost... is not that great of a show.

Panache be cashed for later
But panache, that glorious attitude, is where the game is WON. The Schlek boys, like their American brethren here...or yours truly...Luxo-D, understand it. A boring win, is a no win. It's the THRILL, not the SKILL of it. Don't give them....hmm "that was a steady climb".... or huh, "seems real steady on the flats". 

Bring back the "Tit for Tat" of old school riding. Give the crowd some LIP. Give us CIRCUS & BREAD!

Ahh sadly...dopers and crashes are all we remember.

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