Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Plato, Ramsey, High Bridge Standing Up!

By Luxo-D

It couldn't be done. Really? Wagers thrown, accusations uttered...the DARE was to be answered.

One, two, three...

The challenge of the season – climbing a major Team Sprockets hill STANDING UP...could it be done? "Chagrin." you temputous harpy. Indeed, that sick goal...only to be shattered by THREE, three hills standing up!

No doubt GARY!
Doubt...I thought about it, shit so what. They didn't give the kid a chance...typical. Berated and mocked...not up to the task. No doubt, I mocked myself. "Luxo-D...who do you think you are?" Friends of SPROCKETS... I had tenacity with a T-Plus Super Size.

Got no time to PUKE!
Plato(Ohio) was the first...hard & grueling, but I got to the top. No looking back...the quest was ON. Ramsey was next. Steep & excruciating, but completed was the flavor of the day. Lastly...the High Bridge. Long & arduous. The APEX of the ride. Ponder, it's steady vanquishing assent into oblivion. Alas the end...Cherokee Park you soothe my wary darf.

Look for it...
So I peeked over me shoulder...waiting for the right moment... and before they knew it...BLAMMO! Two fingers to the lips...and the invisible peloton got a piece of The Luxo-D Kiss Off!

It was the last thing they saw...

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  1. Pardon me while I grab my Luxo-D to English dictionary so that I can try to decipher even one paragraph of this entry. Thank you.