Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Watch out for the BADGER!

By Luxo-D

The good times fell upon yours truly recently. Indeed the first mountain biking excursion of the year took place this last weekend in Hayward, Wisconsin.

Clearly it was an EXPEDITION long over due too. There had been much talk about where and when, and one could tell from The Sprockets Community, that the hype was really beginning to take on an edge of anxiety. Folks were wondering when it was going to happen. Quite frankly, with The Team Sprockets work schedule coming into play, (road riding, gear maintenance, injury recovery, and the NEW Team Sprockets Jersey design), who could say when...

I explored the Hatchery Creek & Mosquito Brook loops in the Hayward Cluster. Excellent single track course, with plenty of variety in terrain and a few minor obstacles to boot. This course similar to Murphy-Hanrehan, but with more naturally occurring small rocks and roots.

The ride was challenging and awesome. I felt taxed in a good way. Occasionally, I would need to take a breather and enjoy the scenery. El, but it was close. Insidiously, when comfort and joy are at their friends of Team Sprockets... is when the bicyclist is at his most vulnerable. To my chagrin and shock, The BADGER STRUCK!

Stupidly, I stalled out on a hill...came to a stand still...and fell over.

Most Un-Stroker Ace...indeed.

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