Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Boehm's puts the VIP in the ZIP

By Luxo-D

A guy needs his places.

You know... places a guy can count on. Where a guy can just walk in and take care of business. In life, a guy needs a doctor, a barber, an auto mechanic, a bar, and of course a bike shop. Boehm's Bicycles is one of those places.

"Let's take a look."
I took my sick Bianchi Eros road bike into Boehm's in Mendota Heights recently. I didn't know what the problem was hosed okay and the chain was slipping, and I'm an idiot. Well so what, they took care of it okay...geez. Their Diagnosis..."Your derailleur is broken." Before I knew...BLAMMO they fixed it. In a jiffy snap too. No waiting around like some nimrod. They even explained to me how and why. Even though they don't carry the Binachi brand with the fancy Campegnolo parts...they knew exactly what to do. Finally, they gave the bike a good look over, a wipe down, and my Bianchi was ready to go like sweet Wisconsin butter. Uhh hmmm.

It's about ME time...
Friends of SPROCKETS...I'm a needy man, you already know it. But hell, I like to browse like the next lunk. This shop, has what the TEAM SPROCKETS rider needs. No doubt. They got the goods, big and small – and they don't nag you to buy anything either. But, when the time comes to get the info..."Tom and The Boehm's Boyz" know their stuff. From kids bikes to helmets, saddles to chamois...or punk rock crankin' in the mechanics workstation...they have a solution to getz the jobz done.

I give this bike shop...a Better Business Stroker Ace.

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