Wednesday, May 27, 2009

By Luxo-D

So what's the FUSS...not when your ridin' the Murph with the KUSS. This Sprocket's team member has "Fists of Mountain Bike FURY."

Team Sprockets gave Murphy-Hanrehan a little piece of the business last Friday night. Indeed, one of the TS team members were in no mood to take any crap the Murph was willing to give out. No quarter quarter given...or whatever the hell that saying is.

Let's roll girlfriend, uhh hmmmm.
The night was beautiful–perhaps, one of the best. The temperature made the ride solid perfect. The only down side to the evening...our unwelcome friends, the Mosquitos. Making their tenacious presence, though weak an annoying reminder of things to come. For the was game time! With Camel-Back loaded and his golden-rod color bike, the dude was ready to roll!

Operation...Get Er' Done.
The track was smooth the whole way through. Dry and tacky...the Murph was giving up it's good stuff this night. Stopping briefly for the occasional breather, or for a famous Team Sprockets course landmark. However, yours truly made embarrassing mess of the final stretch with a compromising "Endo" on a final obstacle. Quite unmanimal indeed.

That's an ending to the sweet ride. We savored the ambrosia goodness of Flavor Country. The Kuss was indeed prepared. Two waters, two Red Bulls, and two delicious Modelo's to cap off night of parking lot jibber-jabber.

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