Tuesday, June 16, 2009

To SHAVE or not to SHAVE?

By Luxo-D

Ahh, the mystery of bicyclist all over the world.
To SHAVE or not to SHAVE.? What to do as a bicyclist, with a tradition of questionable implications and method no doubt.

Look...that guy's doing it...and he's a PRO!
Now I've seen some things, and I have my concerns. But one thing is for certain, a person, particularly a man needs to be comfortable with the ramifications of committing to such an endeavor. Woman of TEAM SPROCKETS, do not have to worry about such things...they're experts, and need no proving of acceptance in the shackled norms of society. Unlike us gents, we are victims...victims, of malicious chastising and mockery of society. We, regrettably... better have a hell-of- a good reason to pursue the ritual of..BICYCLING LEG SHAVING. Now I hate to point out the professional double standard here when it comes to us amateurs, but all of those PRO Boys at the Nature Valley Grand Prix seemed to have it figured out. Every dog gone one of them. Clean as a whistle and loving it. Why?

Now I've heard that mumbo-jumbo myth about aerodynamics and so forth. However, I've read on the other hand, that that notion is institutional hog-wash pabulum. WOUNDS...yes, bloody, tacky hair infused wounds, on the other...are a very REAL issue. Any dude that has had the triumpherant glory of pulling a bandage off a hairy leg would CRY for something better! Quickening the first-aid treatment seems to be the only TRUE measurable benefit to the theory. As you know, yours truly here (Luxo-D), has had his share of leg wounds. I proudly, like to name mine after critters..such as "The Badger," "The Weasel," and of course my all time favorite..."The Wolverine."

Should TEAM SPROCKETS shave?
So there we have it...a complicated question indeed. Women of TEAM SPOCKETS already know the answer. MEN? The best advice I can give as team leader of this club is simply...

Shave Your Conscience.


  1. Wow. You mean you don't already shave? I could have sworn...

  2. real men shave paddy, that's just how it is...