Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Checkin' out the Nature Valley Grand Prix

By Luxo-D

A night at the races...sweet treat no doubt.

Well I checked out the Downtown St. Paul Criterium of the Nature Valley Grand Prix this Wednesday evening. It was a TOTAL JOY, and it didn't cost me a dime! We live in a wonderful place, when you can see professional bike racing 5 minutes from your house. This, my friends of TEAM SPROCKETS was an..."Exceptional Value."

The Real Deal...Floyd Landis

There I was inches away from a Legend. Son of a Gun...huh...he's standing right there, a Tour de France winner. Did I say hi, or good luck, or hey man what gives? No...I said nothing. I just let him be. Besides, he needed to concentrate. His bike...what about his bike? The Ginger Daddy was getting on me about what bicycle he rode. It was a Kouta. A Kouta? Anyone out there heard of Kouta...anyone...Bueller?

Nice outfits
Lots of cool outfits I must say. Some stupid ones. Tight too. The OUCH Team (Floyd's) was pretty classy actually, so was Calavita. Perhaps another team will make it's own fashion statement in say 3 weeks...

Amazing...truly. I dream. Look, these dudes were FREAKISH fast. Even up the hills. Lightning on the flats. Around the corners? Soil yourself...what can I say.

These guys are...MANIMALS!

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