Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July...Hayward Style

By Luxo-D

Good times with family and friends. Nothing is better than celebrating our Nation's Birthday with a great ride on the trail. This was TEAM SPROCKETS™ family style!

This 4th of July was spent in Hayward, Wisconsin – at the world famous Duper Cabin. It's a wonderful place nestled privately on one of the many beautiful bays of the Chippewa Flowage. And of course, what is Hayward known for besides the Birky Trail, the World's Biggest Muskie, and a pretty famous BBQ about the most excellent mountain biking clusters the mid-west has to offer...that's all.

Hatchery Creek and Mosquito Brook...was all the action. This was a chance for "yours truly" to introduce some new riders (Old and Young) to the AWESOME GLORY of mountain biking! And boy did they take to it! Riding the trails like down hill skiers and soaking in the perfect morning weather, the dial was set for fun. Now it wasn't all bliss, there were plenty of frustrating equipment problems, exhausting moments, and a couple of tantrums. But everyone made it through with a smile. Even The Duper put a hurt on the trail–which bit him back, as the trail can sometimes do. His new arm wound (miner scratch) is called – The RAT.

This 4th of July bike ride was Bombs Bursting With Joy!

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