Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Official TEAM SPROCKETS Kits!

By Luxo-D

It's official, the TEAM SPROCKETS™ Kit is here! Clearly panache is the flavor of the season.

From drawing board to a reality. The TS Kit" EPIC! After many concepts, the fruit is ready to be savored. Yes, it took hard sweat. Perhaps even more sweat than "The Immortal" pours out every time he rides, which is a lot. As you can see from his happy grin...he's loving every minute of it...his jersey that is!

Luxembourgian ORIGINS
Make NO mistake...this team draws its strength from a special place...Luxembourg – POWER HOUSE to the cycling world! Not coincidently, yours truly has heritage that country of which there is much pride. And of course, what would a KIT be without a tribute to that dynamic bicycling duo from Luxembourg, (The Schleck Brothers - Andy and Frank). Clearly, this soon to be 'classic' kit finds its lineage riding down that vein, with graphic accents paying homage to the Luxembourgian DEVILS from SAXO BANK.

It's SHOW Time
No more hiding behind pretentious themed or wanna be team jerseys of tours and stars long past. No Sir, TEAM SPROCKETS™ is its own brand, has its own legends to make. So look for it! The Giro Mendota, Lakeville Lolligag and The Tour of 10 Hills will have some new scenery this summer.

Friends of TEAM SPROCKETS™ ...these kits get a...Stroker ACE... seal of APPROVAL!

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  1. It's the Ride of 10 Climbs - not the Tour of 10 Hills. Get the names right, dammit!