Saturday, July 25, 2009

Schleck Brothers and Then Some

By Luxo-D

It's been a challenge to write an article lately. So many things, where do I start...riding into work, riding with family & friends, the new team kits, new road courses, equipment upgrades, and many more.

Ride when they Ride
Most noteworthy, was the personal goal to ride every day "The Tour Boys" ride. Specifically, to ride a stage (in essence only) similar to what they rode. I challenged my fellow TEAM SPROCKETS™ members to do the same. So far, it has been an enormous success. The riding these last three weeks has been EPIC. Indeed, the Giro Mendota and the Lakeville Lolligag have been given a full workout.

Tour de FORCE
The Tour de France this year has been excellent! Intrigue between Lance and Contador. The Soap Opera between Thor and Cavendish. The disrespect of Sastre. And of course the homely courage of Wiggens. But others made a more important contribution...uhh hmmmm.

The Brother's Schleck with a sweet touch of Fabian

This has been a proud moment for Luxembourg and for TEAM SPROCKETS™ too no doubt. After all, this club gets much of its inspiration from the boys of SAXO BANK. Even though it would have been awesome to have the other two Luxembourgian Devils (Andy & Frank) to be on the podium together – all of them have ridden magnificently!


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