Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hills, Calories, and Road Rash

By Luxo-D

Hills, and more hills.

What can you do? So many good ones too. Ohio, Ramsey, The High Bridge, Hwy. 13 through Old Mendota. But, it takes tenacity to keep it going. Tenacious tenacity, and the LUST to keep the motivation to the cause. That's the way it's been lately on the Giro Mendota.

Personally, it has been taxing mentally, for all of TEAM SPROCKETS™ really. The Ginger Daddy, has sore back now to boot. But overall, the fitness benefits has certainly payed doubt. The Imortal recently gave Ramsey Hill a good go. In the blurry photo he can be seen chasing another rider up Ramsey Hill in downtown St. Paul.

Recently, I went on the LIVESTRONG® website looking for some news, (post Tour de France), and came across some info on calories. I shouldn't obsess, but this hooked me man. Basically, I've been counting and tracking my daily calorie intake. Why? To loose weight superfically. I'm pretty lean already, but I was curious on how to loose a pound a week. I have some coworkers that have indulged me with this. But, now I'm kinda done with it...or am I.

Road Butt!
The Stranger and I hit the road over lunch this Wednesday. Unfortunately, The Hopkins Loop took a bite out of my butt today...most regrettably. Sure, every biker gets a little spill now and then, it's part of the game man. This one was more annoying than anything. It was your "Classic" touch the back wheel of the other guys bike scenario. A passing situation gone awry. BOOM...down on me BUM! Luckily, we were not going fast. The result...I've got a nice blush on my left cheek. *Photo not possible.

Ride clean and Stroker ACE.

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