Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Take it to the River

By Luxo-D

Check out Mendota Heights hot bicycling couple givin' some business to the Mississippi-Minnesota River bottoms recently. There is know doubt, this TS Dynamic Duo is out to burn down some miles, talk the talk, and have an adventure to boot. TEAM SPROCKETS™ STYLE!

Mud, Poison Ivy, Weirdos?
Who cares, this isn't a fashion show. Yuppies and couch-potatoes of the world...don't bother to get dressed and keep your chai mocha double lattes at the coffee shop – This TEAM SPROCKETS™ couple is out for some fast river trail blood, sweat, and tears. Whatever the river has to offer...they won't be denied.

Next Stop?
Well... let's just say, these two have more than one magic trick up their sleeves...but only the ROAD will tell...

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