Friday, September 25, 2009

Hey BAG BOY whatta ya got there?

By Luxo-D

Check out the NEW bike back pack that the 1000 Mile Man just got. Friends of TS, this guy has got the bike commuting action going on, big time. And why not, he's on the verge of making a record...500 miles. So how does a dude like this treat about a super sharp classic CHROME Bike messenger bag! And look like cool ass player on top of it. That's what I say.

Look at me...I got stuff going on!
This bike bag has definitely got the look! It reeks of I MEAN BID-NESS. Sleek black fabric trim, double latch straps, old style seat-belt car buckle shoulder sling, accented with a gorgeous swank CHROME logo. This bag is literally the Cat's Pajamas in hauling your gear to town and back.'s water proof to boot – perfect for a laptop computer, a dry sack lunch, an a sweet bottle of Sunny Delight. Uhhh hmmmm, just tellin' it like it is girlfriends.

This bag brings out The MANIMAL in carrying stuff!

On a bike.

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