Sunday, October 4, 2009

Team Sprockets Meal of Champions

By Luxo-D

If Julia Child were a cyclist, I'd say..."holy shit, really, I didn't know she rode a bike?" Ironically, one thing is for sure, that woman knew a hell of a lot about eating a good satisfying meal. For bicycling – there is nothing like a delicious post ride meal.

Bike Diet Dilemma
Now I know, there are plenty of diet methods out there in the bicycling gastronomic landscape. Strange theories, concoctions, mixtures, and combinations of nutrients that are supposed to do this and that, with a little dash of EPO for flavor booster. Forget that exercise diet pabulum, I for one, like the simpler things.

The Main Course of Champions
I'm no Dietician, hell, and not even a foodie for crying out loud. I'm just a cyclist that enjoys a good simple meal, with minimum work or fuss. It's doesn't have to be fancy...just sweet simple ambrosia that's all. Here's The TEAM SPROCKETS recipe for success:

Spaghetti with Marinara sauce
Spinach Uncooked
Cherry Tomatoes
French bread
Red grapes
Three different cheeses
Glass of water
Delicious full bodied cabernet from California.
* One plate only, no second helpings okay. You Got that, 1000 Mile Man.

Savor the Flavor
Friends of TS – this meal has everything the cyclist needs for a successful body conditioning diet regiment. Carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, antioxidants....roughage. All smacked-up and guaranteed to generate righteous fuel for many glorious hours out on the Das Rad.

Bon Appetite...indeed.

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  1. You make me hungry. Team Sprockets is now on my Fandango list. Giddy up!