Friday, October 9, 2009

Riding the LOOP with Kenwood Racing

By Luxo-D

How does a sweet lunch time ride on The Hopkins Loop sound? Gooood times I say. Seriously, you could not have asked for better weather than this last Wednesday. It was truly CRANTASTIC! And what could be better, than riding with a couple of hot-shots (The Stranger and Thorny) from KENWOOD RACING. TEAM SPROCKETS™ did just that!

These two teams were not out to set any records, race, score, or any of that stuff. Just ride the LOOP in a lunchtime hour. That's it, and we did. Ironically, the only challenge of the day, came from the swank hot-orange threads of the KENWOOD riding jackets – versus the righteous red, white and blue of TEAM SPROCKETS™. You make the call who won.

I may be a sentimental sap, but this was the real deal. The day was perfect for riding, yapping, and laughing. And the boyz of KENWOOD RACING had plenty to say.

Friends of TS....this was the EL DORADO of a bicycle relaxation, no doubt.

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  1. Red, white and blue is patriotic and looks pretty damn nice, but orange is fast and fast is good.