Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cyclo-Confusion & Restoration

By Luxo-D

Cyclocross...fascinates the hell out me. It has everything I think I've been looking for. Truly, it's what everyone is talking about, but is it just the season, or is there something more insidious here?

To me, cyclocross comes across as the equivalent of cross-country running, only on bicycles. It has it all, woods, grassy fields, gravel paths, little streams and barriers to dismount and jump over, all on a road bike with knobby tires. So what crazy mofo came up with the idea of cycling on something other than paved road...

The Dilemma
This may not be a surprise, but I've been keen on a super-hot road bike for quite some time. With the good stuff too, the pretty penny kind. Fancy-Schmancy. You know...a poser bike. But, cyclocross has been a bee in my Giro Helmet Bonnet. I want a cyclocross bike bad, but this Kid has got to keep his priorities in order. To make matters worse, my wife recently said, "You can get an inexpensive cyclocross bike if you want." What!? I don't know if she is just saying that because she got a new computer recently or what. All I know, is this dude does not want to get rooked out of his ultimate some tramp cyclocross bike today.

My Secret Project

"Ahh Ha" you might say. The band-aid solution...a modified 1978 Schwinn LeTour! Yes, I won this bike at Penn Cycle in Richfield, Minnesota as a youth, and I still have it! So now, after a few major modifications and so forth, this might be my sorry ass Ticket To RIDE. Indeed with a little TLC and small investment in a NEW paint job, I may be racing before you can say..."Luxo-D you're an idiot." The Stranger thinks it's crazy. He even said "F" that shit, you're crazy...don't even waste your time on that F-ing shit."

Was it crazy, when Pat Sajack briefly had a talk show... let the "Wheel of Fortune" be my Schwinn!

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