Friday, October 30, 2009

Me Winter Knoggin' N' Stuff

By Luxo-D

Winter is closing in fast on the sorry arses at TEAM SPROCKETS™, no doubt. But fortunately, for most of us rock n' roll cyclist with a dream, we don't have to leave our passion for the road too far behind. The other day, minding my own damn business, I was scrounging about in the mud-room closet, looking for god knows what, for who knows when...when all of a sudden...I came upon a GLORIOUS piece of equipment of another recreation of equal passion and greatness! And just what in *tarnation gad dag nabitt...was it, that stoked me up so crazy!?

Ahh haa, my awesome 1999 Boeri Downhill Ski helmet! Excelsior!

Now I know downhill skiing is not cycling...geez. Gawd, get your own tots. But there are similarities. Like, beer, women, and cool helmets. You know, because you drink beer after you bike or ski, and when you go cycling you're supposed to wear a helmet...and women ride bikes, ski and drink beer sometimes too.

But hey, look at this RIGHTEOUS MOFO helmet! Who says you can't have it all? Huh?

L'OREAL...Because YOU'RE worth it.

*(old people say this stuff...I think it's their version of swearing). I'm pretty sure I've never heard a elderly person over 75 say "mofo."

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