Monday, November 9, 2009


By Luxo-D

Now I know luck is a funny thing. Everyone wants it. Why not, it's lucky. It's kind of magical. You know like, winning something or getting something you didn't expect, maybe an extra napkin in your Micky-D value meal. But, what about being unlucky? Nobody wants that. It sucks right? Sometimes, it seems like it happens to some people more than others. How come? Anytime it happens... you say something like..."crap, how come I'm so unlucky?" " Geez, that blows."

Here's something to contemplate... what do you call being lucky and unlucky at the same time? I don't think anyone knows for sure, but I call it...LUNKY. Neither, lucky or unlucky, sort of a wash out situation, or balancing between crap and okay. That's what I got this last Saturday... lunky drama. It all started fine and dandy with a beautiful ride on the southern part of the GIRO MENDOTA. The temp was a pleasant 58 degrees, light breeze, sunny, few clouds, exceptional weather really for November in Minnesota. I was dressed in my best TEAM SPROCKETS™ kit, with some cool weather accessories to boot. I was hoping to ride with the Ginger Daddy, but he's kinda busy at the moment with a new kid, so I went CafĂ© Solo. Friends of Team Sprockets, it was... perfect, absolutely perfect... but before I knew it, before bliss turned to ambrosia... POP! "WHAT THE F...." I popped the back tire. Nuts!

Ahh haaa, not so fast Harpy of Disappointment...what the hell is that right in front of me? Hmm Von Schlaunegar? Only just your neighborhood BIKE SHOP, that's all! And roll on in I did. A little plastic credit love out of my wallet and few simple instructions...and blama lama ding dong – fixed up in a jiffy, and back on the road I GO. Sweet Georgia Brown!

So I says to me self..."Luxo-D lad, you are one... LUNKY dude."

Be the way, what's verdict on the legs...shave or no shave? I can't decide, what do you think?


  1. What is a "harpy of disappointment"?

    I think ultimately you will shave your legs, but it will have nothing to do with cycling. You just really want to do it.

  2. Good golly. *Cover* those legs for goodness