Monday, November 30, 2009

What will be in your Bicycle Stocking?

By Luxo-D

Well it's that time of the season isn't it? Who will make Santa's bicycling naughty and nice list...hmmm? Now there's a trick, ha. And just what is to be expected of the lot at TEAM SPROCKETS™ anyway? Oh sure there are a few upstanding cases out there. And sure there are a couple of brown nosing goodie-two-shoes too. But what about the rest of the bad apples? Will it be sugar plum goodness in your road shoes, or will it be a old fashioned ROCK in the Giro HELMET! Ahh...only Good St. Nicholas knows who's been "Mister Good Bar" or who's been "Johny Rotten." Indeed, I know who's been what, ...The 1000 Mile Man, Ginger Daddy, The Immortal, Micky-D, The Stranger, Little Debbie Snack Cake, General Kusstard, and all the rest of you...YOU know who you are. What kind of Shenanigans have you've been up to this year?

Fortunately, I don't have to explain myself. No sir. Santa knows how much of a sweet and wonderful Stroker Ace dude I've been. In fact, I talked to Santa personally, yep and he said so. Uhh hmmm, tellin' like it is girlfriends. He listen to this...he said, "Luxo-D, you've been AWESOME!" "Especially, the hill climbing." "Look what you might get in your bicycle stocking...."

• Pearl Izumi Elite Wind Jacket or Bib shorts
• New Giro Bike Helmet
• Team SAXO Bank Jersey (Luxembourg National Jersey)
• Mavic Clincher Wheelset
• Yakima bike rack rail with lock
• Chrome Bicycle Back Pack
• 10 pack of GU race fuel (vanilla bean)
• $50 Gift Certificate to your favorite bike shop
• TEAM SPROCKETS™ Jacket with matching cap
• Cannondale Road Cad 9 with SRAM Rival
or Binachi Road Infinto with 2010 Ultegra
or Trek XO1 Cyclocross Bike

WOW! This is most definitely the "Suite Life of Zak & Coty" no doubt!

Then I woke up in the bike shop with some guy saying to me mockingly..."You again?" "Ha, still trying to restore that old Schwinn from 1978?"

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