Sunday, November 22, 2009


By Luxo-D

"Urban Velo." What is it anyway? Mod bikes, tight black jeans, funky backpacks? All I know is what I've seen...a culture on to itself. But I'm not going to try to understand that. One thing is for certain...TEAM SPROCKETS™ redefined Urban Velo in it's own way this weekend.

Urban riding in my opinion is more
than just hitting the streets, dodging cars, cops, and cats. My friends of TS, there's much more. For us, it was good times, and great weather – perfect for sneaking into the gritty under-belly of the beast.

The TS Posse made it's sweet way through Lillydale, then slowly making our way through Old Mendota, alas when least expected...we ATTACKED the Mississippi River Flats! DANGER BE THY NAME! It was yours truly and the 1000 Mile Man, forging a NEW and yet to be named course. It was sweet poser ambrosia, no doubt! We cruised manically down through the forbidden and mysterious roads underneath Interstate 494. It wasn't hades...but close. It was GLORIOUS!

Finally, we made a rendezvous with the Ginger Daddy, who was out for a classic TEAM SPROCKETS™ road ride on the other side of the Mississippi River. For nostalgia, I took out the old Bridgestone MB-6 – my weapon of choice into urban jungle. The 1000 Mile Man even got a little closer to his ultimate mileage goal and his soon to be NEW cyclocross bike. The Ginger Daddy...well hec...let's face it; he just looked plain SHARP, nuff said, say no more.

In the was all about the pictures.

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