Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Bike Stuff


Well there are lots of new bikes around the hood lately. Seems like you can't throw a rock around here without hitting somebody's new bike it seems. Good stuff too. The kinda stuff people take notice at. Jabber about stuff. You know, like that dude has some carbon, or that dude has awesome components, or hey...check out the new water bottle kind of stuff. Or, "Hey look at the chamois in my NEW Shorts..." Classic.

What ever the hec is going on... I like it. And keeping it going, I say. For instance, Scott (The Velo Fox) just got himself a HOT NEW carbon fiber Specialized Roubaix. Awesome. So in TEAM SPROCKETS™ tradition we demanded to see it LIVE. It was pretty sweet, and of course we went for a nice long bike ride to boot. Not a bad deal, I would say.

On another front, someone has some 'Fancy' New clothes! Now, if it weren't for my general disapproval I would be extra excited about the fashion show...but I'm a little irked tell you the truth. The 1000 Mile Man (G-Man) has bodaciously and provocatively selected what is supposed be the "TEAM SPROCKETS™ Championship Jersey" awarded at the end of year, as a casual – around town bike kit on a recent cycling outing. Has he earned it? Well, I certainly am a bit skeptical. I can think of a couple of other riders that would look pretty smart in The Pearl Izumi BLACK STAR Kit though...

In the end, what can I's all-good.


  1. I was just sitting on Luxo-D's front step and I remarked "If I ever saw someone riding with silver bar tape I'd have to punch that dude in the throat". Nodding in agreement, Luxo-D slurped down the last dregs of his Bud and remarked "Oh, I'd give you the green light on that...standing green light...wherever, whenever"
    I'm glad to see the day has come.

  2. If the footwear of Team Sprockets is Peal Izumi, why does only one person recieve this glorious swag?
    Certainly this disparity in footwear is not only unTeam Sprockets but it's downright unAmerican.
    As a cyclist I've always believed in: What goes around, comes around. And: There's no "i" in team. And: A house divided cannot stand.
    This does not portend well for a certain individual with silver handlebar tape or Team Sprockets in general.

    -Contemplating One's Cycling Karma

  3. Dear Sir-
    It has been a forynight since the last I perused the pages of Team Sprockets.
    To my disgust and abject horror I see Team Sprockets(referred to as "the team") web page conmindeared by Pearl Izumi clothing and footwear and Lakemaid beer.
    The website has been infected by the lowest of life form, it does not toil but only reap.....yes, it's the called P.R.
    I call for a simple remedie to this aggregious, covert confiscation of this page.
    Renumeration to the team from this remorae of the business world, so that we live as the clown fish and sea anemonae sibiosis.
    Additionaly, a spell check for this website would limit the amount of pain the reader would have to endure from the errorous pen tip of this author.

    Some Times Remuneration Ameliorates Plenty Of Nonsense