Monday, May 31, 2010

Rox in a Box

By Luxo-D

What's in the box?

Hmmm, wouldn't you like to know... Well it's bigger than a loaf of bread, and as light as one too. What could it be?

You're going to just have to wait. Tempting, tempting isn't it... a 'Pandora's Box' no doubt, of the most tempting kind... Ahh, the laborious wanting to know. An agony of sorts – like an itch that can never be scratched. The torture is complete and never ending, sublime in it's endurance.

But you'll see soon enough...


  1. when I hear the metaphor: Bigger than a loaf of bread and as light as one too.
    Then I know Luxo-D recently had too much of a cheese product and he's trying to tell me the latest outcome.
    So, that's what I think it is-a post lactose indulgence evacuation.

  2. Whoa! That's some tough love. What can you do...lighter, is lighter. In cycling, that's 'Advantage Time.'