Thursday, June 3, 2010


By Luxo-D

IT'S HERE! The Cannondale Caad 9 SRAM Force/Rival. Smoking HOT and ready for action!

Three months in the waiting... three months in the wilderness... three months... of pestering anxiety... over. Oh sure, there have been plenty of questions, "Luxo-D, when are getting the NEW wheels?" "Luxo-D, is it here yet." And so on and so on. Well, as Orson Wells once said, "At Paul Mason...we'll sell no wine – before it's time." Profound, profound, I know... nothing to do with Super HOT Road bikes, but profound non the less.

Indeed, this last Memorial weekend was Epic. I was tormented by anticipation, in knowing there was a bi-pedaling jewel awaiting me. It's 'fire engine red' frame blazing the streets of my town and the upgraded Mavic Kyserium Elite wheelset igniting all my dreams of speed and triumph! Yet I made my way to the shop. Major Drool (aka. Chris the sales guy) was ready to unveil the 'majesty of awesome' on wheels. Magnificence I proclaimed at its revealing! And of course, what would be even better? And of course the 'PRO' fitting – making me one with this new dream machine.

Conquest and Glory!

My inaugural ride was as sweet as morning dew – even though it was late afternoon, with lots of street traffic, and it was kinda hot... Regardless, I was thrown into a pool ambrosia by a new way of riding. "Grease Ligtning," I declared! Fast, and faster I rode the CAAD 9, it's SRAM Force/Rival components responding like I never encountered in a bike before! But now a big test – Ohio Avenue Hill! I approached the massive hill, hesitant... what can I expect? Will there be disaster? Looming heavily as I made my way down Plato contemplating this assent. Nervous in tenacity – I attacked the hill! Unsure, of how to use this compact double, I remained calm, but rookie like. Digging all the way in...I completed my first glorious obstacle... the CAAD 9 is a success!

As I reflect now, appreciating this precision machine, a gift of craftsmanship really, American made, I'm proud to say... I recall, that Amish saying..."At Curtis Mathis television..." wait that's not it... hmm what's that old quality saying... hmm, thinking, thinking... It's something...

Anyway the NEW bike kicks ass!

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