Thursday, June 3, 2010

CAAD 9 – "Circus and Bread!"

By Luxo-D

"Circus and Bread!" the crowd jeered before Caesar, "Circus and Bread!" So Caesar, the pragmatic and savvy ruler complied, knowing full well this would pacify the mob..."Indeed, you SHALL have it!"

So here – friends of TEAM SPROCKETS™... Awesome detailed pictures of the machine destined for... Conquest and Glory!



  1. So, there's a little censoring happening at good old team sprockets. Well, flip that stem anyway. It's to high.

  2. Team SAXO BANK Procycling Team best represents the commitment to performance and heritage of the Team Sprockets™ founding members. It's no coincidence that a couple of the riders (Schleck Brothers) are from Luxembourg, and that yours truly – Luxo-D (Luxembourgian Devil) shares that heritage too. However, there is a sweet spot for Fabian Cancellara, though he is Swiss. Now, what do you mean stem too high? It's been fitted.