Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Power of the Stink

By Luxo-D

There's been much talk about nutrition and diet enhancing formulas over the years. Now, I've heard all sorts of crazy mixtures, elixirs, pablums and concoctions out there that are supposed to prime the pumps before a ride. Unlike those, no one can deny, nothing beats good old fashioned old man energy. The kind that stinks. I mean REALLY stinks! The kind, your wife says..."What the hell is that smell?"


Richly packed in metallic canned goodness. A bicyclists best friend – and constant companion, A good friend that always stays with you, through the good times and the bad... Sweet, tasty, vitamin packed, protein powered SARDINES! Ask any rider and they'll tell you, "It's the SUPER SNACK of Championship Racers!"

Yummy doo, now savor the flavor...

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