Monday, April 26, 2010

The "NAM" of Bike Buying

By Luxo-D

Well I hate to say it...but it's starting all over again. A quagmire in the making, and all I can do is wait and hope another boy isn't taken down by the delusional madness known as the...

The "NAM" of Bike Buying.

But I doubt it. Look, I've seen this before, a lot of good boyz going down this sorry road with good intentions and all that mumbo-jumbo. But, they always come back pretty messed up.

And so it starts with a new recruit to TEAM SPROCKETS™ – Scott (who doesn't have a handle yet), is on his way to finding out, what 'NEW Bike Buying' is all about. Now comes the questions, the consultations, the recommendations, the opinions – about which bike to get and why. And just like that... a shroud ensues. A kind of perverse 'Apocalypse Now' of brand choices forms. Then the price anxiety begins to stir – only succumbing to a strange and exotic darkness of ambivalence, languishing self doubt, and pity... a VELO PURCHASING INSANITY.

Yet there is HOPE in the jungle of choices. A clarity seen, and heard. Indeed, a revelation found in the satisfaction of the purchase! The hunt is nearly complete..."Now
the KILL!" The mission is almost over. Why, take the 1000 Mile as an example – coming out of the 'Shit' barely alive! A PURCHASE! And then another purchase, and finally another! Hell, check out the awesome Bridgestone MB-2 the dude got off of Craig's List!

Now we ride!

For the coffee.

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