Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Commuter Von Duper

By Luxo-D

It might seem like any morning. Right? I got up thinking, well jerk... drive your sorry ass into work like all the other shmucks.

No way man! Get your gear on, and call the 1000 Mile Man...we're biking to work this morning!

Double shot of commuter action, that's what it is, oh yeah. Yours truly and the 1000 Mile Man dishin' it out. TEAM SPROCKETS™ style. Doing our part, takin' it to the man! Hell yeah!

But, as usual I had to wait, and wait some more, for the dude to show up. The G-Man can get a little pokey. But in his defense, I did drop the bomb on him this morning, with a little surprise phone call. And son of a gun, that 'mofo' answered the call! BLAMMO...we were off!

Originally, I was planning on riding the Le Tour this morning, but when the man showed up, I had to make an emergency switcheroo – that could answer the aggressive challenge to established protocol. Indeed, I ended up riding my Bianchi in order to match performance prestige of his gleaming new Orbea Onix/Ultegra road bike – that he so dutifully earned after his thousand-mile odyssey. Only, to be mocked by his HOT new Pearl Izumi road shoes!

Weather? What could be more graceful on this awesome commute than the humility of a pristine morning...Triumphant in GLORY. Talk about, perfect air temperature, a calming breeze, and a caressing sun. Ahhh, Sweet Georgia Brown....

Except for that impromptu pit stop at the porta-potty in Minnehaha Park. Whew, that was a close call.

Too much coffee...

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