Monday, April 12, 2010


By Luxo-D

Well there's no going back now.

The flood gates are open, the purchases are being made, the dreams are hopeful, the goals have not been squashed, the jitter-jatter is engaged... there's no doubt about it, the bicycle season is FULL on.

As you know, I like to hype the good, the bad, and nasty of things in life. No matter how trivial, mundane, or nonsensical, I have been known to be a "MASTER of Spin." Indeed, the news can be crafted into any potent propaganda of diabolical and deceptive as that may seem to you.

The Moment of Truth
The ultimate test of the fruits of my labor (or loins), I'm not shy to say, were set forth this last weekend. Project Stroker Ace...Engage! The Schwinn Super LeTour was given a full ride on a good part of the Giro Mendota. Now, I'm not going to give you some sycophant like pabulum description of this ride. It was Fantastic at best. Not sweet, not awesome. Just Fantastic. And that's that. I didn't expect anything less than a sweet ambrosia of a ride. It was as I expected. Some of you, I know will mock me at mere the mention of this. performance disappointment is something I've grown use to. I fully anticipated that. You're faith was weak to begin with. But I LOVED every minute of it!

There were moments glory too. The hills were better managed on the LeTour than I would have thought. And of course the comfort of ride wasn't too bad either. The speed was decent for a single speed. But most importantly, more so than any one thing was this... I was riding a boyhood prize possession! The acknowledgement of this fact, made me feel alive with nostalgia!

Gitty I pedal with delight into the sweet amber of dusk. I retire un-vanquished...for a change.

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  1. Wow, I hope I never again have to read about the "fruits of your loins."