Thursday, April 1, 2010


By Luxo-D

It's on girlfriends, it's on! The spring has sprung, and there's nothin' but FUN! So get out there and Run the Bun.

I'm not much on poetry, but the kid here knows how to link golden words into something, I don't know what but something. The game has started, and the TEAM SPROCKETS™ boyz are out there trying to live the dream. Who's on board, well we'll see. One thing is for certain, the COLORS are flying.

Spring, sweet Ambrosia. The G-Daddy (Ginger Daddy) and yours truly, gave it to the Classic Giro Mendota recently. There were some course modifications do to the Mississippi River Flooding over Lillydale Road, which lead to some changes in our typical approach to some classic hills. Overall, the adjustments were positive, and gave us new opportunities to approach downtown St. Paul from some different angles. In the final stages, we decided to pay a visit to one of our developing team members to examine a important acquisition, (more on that later).

If this was surfing instead of bicycling...I could have swore it was the perfect WAVE.

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