Thursday, April 1, 2010

Project Stroker Ace...FINISHED!

By Luxo-D

And it's...done.

Project Stroker Ace, the triumph and glory is now yours! And glorious it is. I know it took awhile, but it was worth it. Indeed, the 1978 Schwinn Super LeTour was resurrected from the ashes of hard times and tough love. But now the ACTION shall begin. I childhood memory remade for a new era.

Contrary to parochial thinking, many said..."Luxo-D you're cracked." "Luxo-D, you could have a new bike by now." "Luxo-D, you're stupid." Now I know, a person with of rational mind would never pursue such folly... but I never said it was "rational" did I?

El Dorado? Bull shit, I found It! Check out all the awesome stuff on this bike.

Thanks to all the folks that had the joy of working on and touching the RELIC known as the Schwinn LeTour. It wasn't easy with all the varying opinions and recommendations, but the completion now closes an Odyssey. are home.

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