Thursday, June 17, 2010

Team Sprockets™ News

By Luxo-D

There's been a lot of chitter-chatter out there in the local Velo hinterlands lately. Lots of noise about who's doing what, who's getting what, who's going to do what... I'm worn out just thinking about it frankly. But the NEWS must be reported.

Like you, I love stories. Good stories. Stories with a purpose, a moral, and a thought that makes you take measure about where you are in the bigger scheme of things. I for one don't worry about my spelling and punctuation as an example. "I have to get out the NEWS man!" I'm gonzo dammit – no time to worry about that deal with it. On the other hand, a good reporter will tell you important information YOU need to know in an interesting and riveting fashion. I do neither.

So here's some news:

• The Ginger Daddy just laid down a excellent time on the time-trial course known as the Lakeville Lolligag. 1:19:45. Very impressive, and bodacious for certain. Yours truly, plans to make an attempt in the near future.

• Luxo-D and The Stranger, just completed the bicycle stage on work-relay-teams for the HyVee Triathlon in Des Moines, Iowa. The Stranger, took third overall!

• There is a NEW 1000 Mile Man – Spud. He plans to ride a 1000 miles, with no strings attached. Hopefully, we'll see a new bike in his future.

• The G-Man continues to build his Ultimate Bicycle ARMADA. He has already acquired another Older Bridgestone Mountain Bike for his cabin.

• Two New bike courses has been forged: The Commuter Von Duper and the Cherry Hill-Eagan Commuter Loop. Give them a try!

• Yours truly, needs new road shoes, and bike computer. The search is on.

How about that...some news. Quaint indeed.

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