Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Post Tour Blues, Schleck Bros and New Heights

By Luxo-D

Well it's been a long month. The Tour de France has been my primary focus for quite some time. EPIC! A bounty of Conquest & Glory! Sadly, our FAVORITE cyclists, Luxembourger's - Andy & Frank Schleck of TEAM SAXO BANK did not win this year's tour – but they did their very best, and will win next year! Posting has not, hence the long absence in the usual golden tougue pros that are my signature treats that you have become accustumed to – misspelling, bad grammer, sentence fragments, and run on sentences, the usual.* Oh I miss you too.

But on to NEW heights and expectations! I for one, have not been idle on The Das Rad - no sir. In fact, up to this point, I would say it has been very productive to say the least. Certainly for many of us as well. There has been new gear, new routes cut, new goals achieved, and new riders to cycle with. Overall, I would assess this mid season check-in as very fruitful. I would expect a very good Fall as well!

Here is one of my goals checked off the bucket list. The Tour of Red Wing. This is an excellent hill climbing odyssey, which I highly recommend. A true climbers delight in one of Minnesota's most beautiful river cities. Located south of the Twin Cities, it is tucked generously in the bluffs along the Mississippi River. I love to soak in this ride with all it's riches it has to offer. The excellent climbs, winding roads, and beautiful tree-lined streets. Then, as a treat – the "Mighty Memorial Park Hill Climb," that ends with an AWESOME scenic vista of Red Wing, Minnesota!

Hey gang...it's the summer to savor.


* I'll fix the punctuation later...

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  1. Nice! Red Wing looks gorgeous. Now, when are you going to fix the punctuation?