Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Dog In A Hat

By Luxo-D

People have accused yours truly of not reading a single thing. Some people have even had the audacity to state that perhaps I am incapable of reading all together. Hog wash! I read plenty of cereal boxes! Okay...e-mail not so much. Obviously, there is some distortions going on. Indeed, the accusations are greatly exaggerated and the jury is still coming to a verdict on that matter. I for one, am confident that I shall be VINDICATED! Philistines!

Now... in the event, that it is proven with out a doubt, that I do in fact have the capacity and intellectual properties to make out words, diction, and sentence structure, in a way that is meaningful in interpreting a written thought – or at least beyond the the usual simian or ape-like way I typically do... then a great and meaningful conclusion can be made...

I dig this book "A Dog In A Hat" by Joe Parkin.

Really, I read it front to back, and it didn't even take me a whole Earth year. It's a really awesome book, about what it means to be a professional bicycle racer in the 1980's and early 90's. This is Parkin's personal account, as an American cyclist in Europe. He has an interesting and brutally detailed insight on the difficulties, successes and weirdness in the wild world of pro bike racing – with a very clever forward by Bob Roll too. This is a fast, fun and terrific read! If you love the intrigue of pro cycling - you'll love it. With plenty of thrills, spills, and pills!

I give this book a "Stroker Ace" in literary performance!

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