Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hot Streets - Cool Commute

By Luxo-D

Oh it's been HOT lately. Super Duper Hot. How does 98 degrees and 90 percent humidity feel to you, hmmm? Tad uncomfortable... perhaps? Maybe it would be great to bring that hot, sweaty, stinky, brackish body into work huh?


And why not, it's good to give the old Das Auto a break every once in awhile don't you think? You know, go easy on your own personal carbon footprint jazz and hubbub. And hey, it's not too shabby on the old sweat-soaked wallet too I might add. So that's the goal. Real simple, and with out too much thinking. Ride to work, one day a week at least, all Summer or as long as you can stand the weather. Pretty slick eh? One damn day...that's it. Give it to the HOT STREETS! Of course, if you want to do more...then ride your butt off like a... "Doped-Up, Transfusion Sucking, EPO Popping, Bike Crazy Mofo!

Hell yeah! That's what I do!

Except without the other stuff...and only once a week...and if I have clean shorts...when I feel like it...

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