Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Getting a little Lucky-13

By Luxo-D

Ride for a goal? Yeah that's a good achievement. You know, do something instead of nothing. Be validated, and you will have credibility. I dig the street cred. However, measurements can be doled out in other tangible ways as well. Oh yes. Most cyclist I know, after a good ride – love to par take in a certain, shall we ride refreshment. Hydration, is a necessity after all. Ironically, many - not all, enjoy a tasty malt beverage after a ride, heck, some believe it is therapeutic. I don't know about that, but I'll believe it for now. Some call it quenching a thirst. I call it..."Getting Lucky."

Lucky 13
There's lots of places to replenish precious bodily fluids. I can think of all sorts of joints that would get the job done. However, making one's way to a much beloved watering hole is always the ticket of day. There's nothing like a charming sanctuary of calm, that you can call you own... in fact relish. Old Mendota delivers a fine pub to fit that bill...The Lucky 13! This hearty bar, tucked, snugly in the town center of the little river village of Mendota, Minnesota – is a delicious treat of relief. Smack in the middle of Minnesota's first settlements. Which happens to quaintly sit on the opposite bluff across from Historic Fort Snelling – a fortress of solitude resting like a sentinel on the glorious banks of the Mississippi River. The Lucky 13 even has some historic neighbors. Directly across from this "Speak Easy' sits the Historic Sibley House, and up the road one of Minnesota's first Catholic Churches (St. Peter's), as well.

Romantically, a cyclist can enjoy the rustic pleasure of riding on the short streets of Old Mendota to The Lucky 13. It is a blissful, oasis on many long expeditions. It even has a nifty outdoor patio that is mere feet from an excellent and extensive bike path. Dress code? No problem. They even let the G-Man get a table in his fancy new Lakemaid Beer Jersey. One look at this guy, and he commands BEER! Heck, our watron was more than happy to take our orders for cold frosty delight of the grain like kind.

One thing is for certain..."Thirst" shall be VALIDATED.

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