Thursday, October 14, 2010

The San Francisco Treat!

By Luxo-D

Much of this riding season, I've talked about cutting NEW road. Going places different, and never taking the same route twice. In fact, the whole meaning of seeking out new places, puts the mustard into the meaning of EXPLORATION. Even if it means taking a familiar route in reverse, just to shake things up. It's all good in theory...but what I'm talking about now is a TOUR.

The San Francisco Treat
A tour to me is exactly that. Riding around a place to see what it's got. Oddly, I never thought I would find my self riding in San Francisco recently. And to my delight, it proved to be quite excellent, for a guy who had never been there before. I put some thought into how I wanted to ride – mostly. I did have maps, a notion where to go, a good discussion at a local bike rental outfit, and plenty of unfettered ambition. Yet, any trepidations I may have had, were masked by an utter and complete joy, knowing that this effort was really, truly happening.

"Hill-City U.S.A!"
Someone said to me before I left..."Hey Luxo-D, San Fran's got some big hills, you know." No shit indeed - monsters the like I've never seen! Holy Cow, just getting on top of the Golden Gate was a task onto it self. But this route was total – Fisherman's Wharf, to the Golden Gate bridge, to Sausalito, all around the bay to Tiburon. I Debated, taking the route in reverse, just to savor the opportunity to do it again, but I decided to get aboard the Ferry back to the big city instead. Why not, that hadn't been done either! And what a joy it was too. The ferry is action packed to boot right from the launch. Past Angel Island, past Alcatraz Prison, with an awesome view of the Bay Bridge as well. Ironically, it just also happened to be FLEET WEEK. Basically, it's a big celebration of the Navy Fleet coming to port for Liberty. There were sailors everywhere! And talk about a parade – majestic sailboats of all kinds in the bay, with full wind in their sails. The Blue Angels air performers were giving a stunt show, of epic proportions, the weather....a picture of beauty.

In the end, what more can be said...but ABSOLUTE VICTORY!

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